Covid 19

The safety of our members is  our top priority. Continue to have in-person Sunday Worship Service at 10am. The service will be streamed live on Facebook Live, and will be recorded and placed on the Church App after 3pm.  Church service has now resumed and is  limited to 50 people, and with strict guidelines, as shown below.

Church Worship Service Safety Guideline 

1. You can arrive to church as early as 9:30a and be in the sanctuary by 9:50a for designated seating.

2. Deacons and ministers will be outside and inside the church to assist you with instructions for entering the church and joining our worship service. The traditional Ushers and Hospitality members will not be available. When you arrive to church:
a.You will have your temperature checked.
b.Please use the hand sanitizer in the lobby.
c.Masks should be worn while you are in and on the church premises, especially during worship service.
d.You can proceed into the sanctuary.

3. There will be two Navigators on the stage and in the seating area to assist with Social Distancing and seating. They will point you to the area with available seats, however you should also look for seating of your choice. Seating will start on the end on the rows, not in the middle seats. Please start seating for your group on the end seats first (alternating pews), and there should be at least 4 seats between you and the next guest that is not in your group. This will be clarified by the Navigators.

4.  Enter the sanctuary from the left (east) wooden doors and exit the sanctuary from the opposite (left) wooden doors.

5.  Once you enter the sanctuary, DO NOT mingle with other members of the church.

6.  Reminder, practice 6 feet social distancing at all times, even when service is dismissed.
There should be no hand shaking, hugs or kisses.

7.  As an additional safety measure, please feel free to bring a towel to place on your seat before sitting.

8.  Tithe and offering baskets will be located inside the sanctuary at the wooden door, and will be collected after the benediction.

9.  When the benediction is given you will be dismissed by sections, so please be patient with us. Apply 6 feet social distancing while exiting the sanctuary.

10.  The length of worship service will be less than one hour.

11. There should be no congregating in the restrooms or lobby after service.


Covid 19 Updates

Our Mission is to help keep our church members safe.