Covid 19

Updated: October 26, 2020

Once again, the Covid 19 Virus infections and deaths are rising across the country and growing in over 40 States. In the State of Illinois, the Governor and Mayor of Chicago have applied increased restrictions in Cook, Will, and DuPage County, where most of our members live.

To ensure our members' safety, in-person church services will be discontinued until the State, City of Chicago, and Counties lift some of their restrictions until the Covid 19 infections and deaths decline.

Many churches in these areas are discontinuing their in-person services until January 1, 2021. Some have chosen to remain open. We have decided to stop in-person services until we receive more information about the virus and its impact on our communities.

In the meantime, we will continue to use recorded sermons to minister on Sunday mornings and use conference calls for group sessions. This week we will start to use Zoom as a vehicle to enhance our fellowship type services, and we will expand the use of the Church app and website for specific biblical topics and lessons by our teaching staff.

Please wear your masks while in the presence of others, wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer and try to avoid having guests in your home over the coming weeks.

God bless you and your family. Stay Safe!


Covid 19 Updates

Our Mission is to keep our church members safe.