Church History

Jordan Temple Missionary Baptist Church was organized on January 2, 1973, by the late Reverend Willie F. Jordan, Sr., with a mission of eleven members. Jordan Temple was originally located at 1532 South Pulaski Road, Chicago, Illinois. Within three years the membership out grew the space, and the church moved to 900 North Lockwood, Chicago, Illinois.

In June of 1974 Pastor Jordan became seriously ill and required major surgery, but God delivered him and renewed his strength. Because of his preaching of salvation and the Word of God, his caring spirit and integrity, Pastor Jordan lead hundreds of souls to the Body of Christ and would always say, “one day this balcony is going to be filled with people."

In 1992 Pastor Jordan’s health began to decline, and on January 12, 1993, Pastor Jordan took flight like an eagle into eternal life, acknowledging his call to be with the Lord forever.

In February of 1993 Reverend Stephen E. Richardson was elected Pastor. He was challenged to keep the church thriving and moving forward.

In January of 1996 Pastor Richardson was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a severe and incurable heart disease. He continued to minister from God’s sacred desk until his health severely began to decline. On August 1, 1996, his wife's birthday, he admitted himself into the hospital and was soon placed on the local and nationwide heart transplant waiting list. He stayed in the hospital on life support for three and a half months and then on November 11, Pastor Richardson was the recipient of a new heart. By the grace of God he returned to the pulpit three weeks later with a fresh anointing and a more powerful Word from God. Each Sunday the congregation was able to witness the miraculous work of God.

The church membership continued to grow from the founding 11 members to well over 700 members and the balcony became filled every Sunday as Pastor Jordan prophesized. In early 2003 Pastor and Lady Richardson were driving down Roosevelt Road in Hillside, and God revealed a sizable property that was for sale. They called the property owner from the car, and within five minutes they had an appointment to meet and tour the property. After giving a presentation to the church membership, Jordan Temple purchased the property, which became its new fellowship and meeting hall and was named The Sanctuary.

In 2011 there was a great flood in Chicago and Western Suburbs. The Sanctuary sustained considerable damages, which warrantied remodeling of the entire building. Since the congregation had already run out of space at 900 N. Lockwood, the decision was made to relocate the church to Hillside, where there would be more seating and ample parking. During the same time period, Jordan Temple purchased the adjacent property, which was formerly a restaurant, and turned it into a Youth Church and fellowship hall and named it the Incredible Life Center. In 2011 Jordan Temple had the grand opening of both buildings. After several months the new church sanctuary space was filled with current, new, and returning parishioners. As a result of this overflow, the Incredible Life Center became the permanent location of the youth and teen church.

In October of 2013, Pastor Richardson announced to the church that he had to go into the hospital to have another heart transplant and also a kidney transplant. He told the church he would be back in about three months. It had been 17 years since his first heart transplant, and many of the congregants remembered the first transplant and how they had to endure together. Several affliated churches and friends united and held a prayer vigil for Pastor Richardson, and within a few weeks, prayers were answered. On November 3, 2014, he received a heart and kidney transplant, and weeks later he returned to the pulpit.

Today, the ministry of Jordan Temple continues to grow and thrive under the leadership of Pastor Richardson and the foundation of love, first embedded by Pastor Jordan. The congregation is made up of vibrant, faith-filled followers with the mission to share the word of God and realized the principles of an Incredible Life.

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